Under Chassis Maintenance

Spartan park homes can perform Under Chassis Maintenance service which begins with a complete inspection of the under chassis of your park home. Being so close to the ground, the under chassis is open to the elements as well as any build up of snow, mud or potential flooding. Being made of steel, without adequate protection, the steel frame can corrode and rust, making it brittle and prone to cracking or buckling under the weight of the Park Home and it’s contents.

Early signs of damage could include squeaky or uneven floors. More serious symptoms include floor movement, dampness leading to heat loss. The most severe cases could lead to the roof cracking or the park home floor subsiding.

Spartan can perform under chassis service for your park home, beginning with a complete inspection of the under chassis of your park home. Using our state-of-the-art camera technology, you can view underneath your park home from the comfort of your arm chair. By using the camera, we can explain what work needs carrying out whilst showing you the live images. You can inspect the work as we are carrying it out and finally inspect the completed work at the end of the project.

State of the art remote camera

State of the art remote camera to view the state of the under chassis of your park home

We can then, provide a full service to re-strengthen and condition the chassis and provide underfloor insulation as standard with a guarantee of our work for 15 years.

The process includes:

  • Replacing rotten timbers where necessary, treating and re-strengthening the wooden supports
  • Replace old support jacks with new corrosion resistant jacks
  • Replacement of floorboards where necessary
  • Provide under-floor insulation using the latest “Celotex” insulation as standard.
  • Clean and treat the steel chassis to prevent corrosion

Spartan Park Homes has chosen Celotex insulation for all the insulation projects undertaken. As a leading investor within the insulation sector, Celotex PIR has a considerable advantage over many other insulation providers.

  • An expansive product range suitable for pitched and flat roofs, walls and floors and the broadest range of thicknesses from 12mm to 200mm
  • Product solutions for both new build and refurbishment projects
  • Better thermal efficiency per mm than many other insulation materials
  • An A+ rating when compared to the BRE Green Guide
  • A lower environmental impact than other typical PIR manufacturers
  • Helping to save money on your heating bills by protecting from drafts and heat-loss from your home to the ground.
  • The insulation layers helps to reflect radiant heat back into the Park Home, helping to keep it warmer in winter & cooler in the summer